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Chinese Language Improvement Program

I.Program Description

This program covers six levels of Chinese language proficiency. From a beginners’ level to an advanced level, to fully satisfy the needs of various Chinese language learners. Through the course, comprehensive skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing will be taught.

1.Primary level (first and second grade)

a.First grade: suitable for beginners with little knowledge of Chinese language or with limited knowledge for simple communication.Basic Chinese Language Courses includes pronunciation, Chinese characters, vocabulary and common sentence structure. This will help students achieve new HSK Level 2.

b.Second grade: suitable for those who have mastered the use of 600 to 1000 commonly used Chinese words or who have completed 200 hours of Chinese language learning. Students are taught the skills required to use the Chinese language in daily communication. This will help students achieve new HSK Level 3.

2.Intermediate level (third and fourth grade)

a.Third grade: suitable for those who have mastered 1500 - 2000 commonly used Chinese words or who have successfully completed the second grade course. The courseaimsat improving thereading skills, skills to make long presentations and a basic understanding of Chinese culture. New HSK Level 4 is likely to be achieved after the program.

b.Fourth grade: suitable for those who have mastered 2500- 3000 commonly used Chinese words or who have successfully completed the third grade course. Students are supposed to learn to solve daily problems inChineseand to master certain writing skills. New HSK level 5 can be achieved successfullyaftercompletingthe program.

3.Advanced level (fifth and sixth grade)

a.Fifth grade: Suitable for those who have mastered 3500 - 4000 commonly used Chinese words or who have successfully completed the fourth grade learning. Students will learn Chinese sayings and expressions as well as a certain amount of Chinese business communication skills and vocabulary. New HSK level 6 can be achieved after successfully completing the program.

b.Sixth grade:Suitable for those who have mastered more than 4500 commonly used Chinese words or who have successfully completed the fifth grade learning. Students will conduct in-depth study of Chinese language, literature and culture, be able to acquire caliber for research study and practical work. Students can apply for postgraduate study after successfully completing the course.

★The teaching program will be conducted in limited-sized classes; Textbook information:Developing Chineseseries, Beijing Language and Culture University Press

II.Program Location: Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics, East Campus

  1. Semesters

    Spring Semester: March to June

    Autumn Semester: September to December

    The exact dates will be in accordance with ZUA’s teaching calendar of the year.

    Time Allocation

    16 weeks for each semester, 20 learning hours for each week

    Optional Courses

    Calligraphy, Martial Arts, new HSK pre-test tutoring, Chinese Social Software use, Business Chinese, Practical Writing, Chinese Talent, Standard Mandarin Pronunciation, Audio-Visual Aided Listening and Speaking, Chinese Proverbs, Learn the Chinese Language through Singing

    Special Events

    Composition Contest, Singing Contest, Recital Contest and other Chinese language contests

    Henan Culture Experiencing Activities (Shaolin Temple, Henan Museum, Yellow River Resort, the Birthplace of Taichi in Jiaozuo, the Ancient Capital of Luoyang, the Ancient Capital of Kaifeng, National Museum of Chinese Writing in Anyang)

    Learning Support

ZUA provides a “one-to-one Chinese tutoring” service for every foreign student. Every foreign student will be allocated a Chinese “friend” to practice their Chinese with during their spare time.

VIII.Program Cost

1. Tuition fee: 7500 RMB / semester; 15,000RMB / year

2. Course materials: 100-300 RMB / semester; 200-500 RMB / year

IX.Convenience for learning

We welcome transferring students. Transferring students can choose their own class, dependent on their Chinese proficiency level at any time during the academic year.

Transferring Students Cost: 2000 RMB / month


This program is open to individual and group application.

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