ZUALanded the ICAO/FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Certificate TrainingCenter(Henan)

06/24/2019 11:17 

On May 10th, the Third 50 People’s Forum of China Cross-border E-commerce of Global Cross-border E-Commerce Conference, has witnessed that ZUA signed with China International Forwarders Association(CIFA) and Henan CIFA, the Cooperation Framework Agreement on ICAO/FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Center in Zhengzhou. It meant that the training centerenteredZUA and Henan. This is the fifth in China after Shanghai, Suzhou, Yantai and Guangzhou.

This agreement was signed by respective representatives ofthree parties: ZUA President Li Yong, CIFA Chairman Zhao Huxiang and Henan CIFA Chairman Cui Shaobo.

As China's economy grows robustly, people increasingly attach more importance to the growth of aviation dangerous goods production and transportation volume, and the transportation of dangerous goods with high risks and yields. In order to regulate the air transportation of dangerous goods, ICAO and FIFA jointly launch the training program worldwide, whose certificate is the most authoritative both at home and abroad in the field of air transportation of dangerous goods.

According to the framework agreement, ZUA's School of Management Engineering will establish the training center which comprises of both the ICAO/FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Certificate and CAAC Dangerous Goods by Air Certificate. The School will organize the training and make sure that participants meet the certification requirements in terms of relevant regulations, operating procedures and methods.

After the signing ceremony, Zhao Huxiang said that the Certificate was a qualification that practitioners must have in air transportation of dangerous goods. This signing has made it possible for ZUA to provide the training for enterprises and practitioners in freight forwarding and logistics in Henan. This will aid Henan to construct the Air Silk Road and speed up the upgrading of air logistics in Zhengzhou.

President Li said, "This time, we cooperate to build this center to jointly cultivate the professionals in air transportation of dangerous goods. It is a result of combining the logistics specialty with Aviation by the School of Management Engineering, and also the crucial and concrete progress of ZUA's special school-running. Meanwhile, this project will cultivate the talents for Henan and improve their professional capabilities. It also strongly backs up the development of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone and Henan's aviation economy and air transport industry."

As the only aviation university in Henan, ZUA is responsible for cultivating the aviation professionals for Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and the Henan's economy. ZUA's aviation logistics specialty has increasingly valued aviation and boasted rich experience in personnel training in the field of air cargo, especially in air transportation of dangerous goods, which lays a solid foundation for establishment of the training center. “The center is an encouragement to the School of Management Engineering in discipline building, especially to aviation logistics specialty. It also helps the school find out how to cooperate with the government, associations and enterprises and bring real benefits to Henan's economy. " Dean of School of Management Engineering Liu said.

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