ZUA Won Several Yellow River Education Awards

06/24/2019 11:16 

On April 26th, Henan Daily held the Yellow River Education Award Ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China, and the Tenth Henan Higher Education Satisfactory University Summit at Yellow River Yingbin Grand Hotel in Zhengzhou.

In the award ceremony, ZUA’sParty Secretary Fu Qian was granted as Top Ten Outstanding Characters; ZUA, Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Units of Henan Higher Education,and The Most Employment-Competitive University in Henan.

The summit took "High Quality, Transformation and Innovation" as the theme. As a special guest, Fu participated in the round-table dialogue. He introduced ZUA's history and all-round reform in teaching for quality development that attracted participants' great attention.

Fu said, in the past 70 years, as one of the six aviation undergraduate universities under the authority of the former Ministry of Aviation Industry, ZUA has always been supporting the national strategy and regional economic construction through training nearly 150,000 talents for aerospace and aviation system and regional economy. In recent years, ZUA has kept up with the times to reform focusing on aviation and innovating talent cultivation model for ZUA's quality development. Therefore, first, ZUA needs to review the school-running positioning. It has made it clear to horn economics and management specialties and building up aviation and aerospace engineering ones". It integrates the original disciplines and specialties to be more of and better at aviation. Second, ZUA needs to innovate talents cultivation model. Through piloting the academy system, it is possible for students to access a combined education of arts and science, and intensify the academic foundation to meet the social and economic needs. This model highlights the discipline of aeronautics with a combination of management and polytechnics. Third, ZUA needs to improve international education. While focusing on the frontiers of international aviation to figure out the orientation of talents cultivation, ZUA cooperates with renowned universities and research institutes around the world through different forms and in various fields; gathers resources to build aviation discipline to enhance the core competitiveness. Fourth, ZUA need to rely on Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone, aviation and aeronautics. With the advantage of aviation, ZUA participates in the development of aviation and local economy centering on the strategic needs of regional economic development. It contributes the intelligence and intellectuals to the development of Zhengzhou and the industries such as logistics. These moves have assisted ZUA to innovate in school-running and talents cultivation.

Fu suggested that over the past 7 decades, the love for China through developing aviation has been inspiring the ZUAers to strive for breakthroughs and innovation despite the difficulties. In the future, ZUA will live up to the responsibility of the times and achieve its take-off in the spirits of reform and initiative.

Besides, the summit was attended by Jiang Duyun, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of People's Congress in Henan Province, Liu Chengbo, director of the strategy department of National Center for Education Development Research, Dong Lin, party secretary of Henan Daily, and other 200 participants from over 100 colleges and universities in Henan.

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