• About ZUA

    Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics is a full-time ordinary institution of higher learning. It was founded in 1949 as the Financial School of Pingyuan Province. Afte...Read full article

  • Current Leaders

    ​Fu Qiang, Secretary of the CPC ZUA CommitteeMale, the Han NationalityBorn in Fangcheng County, Henan Province,September1963A member of CPCReceived a bachelor’s de...Read full article

  • Administration

    ​Party InstitutionsAdministration Office (Alumni Association Office)Organization Department of the Party Committee (the Party School)Publicity Department of the Par...Read full article

  • Alumni

    In Oct. 2008, a work group for preparing the alumni association of ZUA was appointed after the Party Committee decided to hold a celebration on the university’s 60t...Read full article

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