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Founded in 1949, Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics (ZUA) is an institution of higher learning co-administrated by Henan Province and Civil Aviation Administration of China. In 1984, it was qualified as an undergraduate institution, as one of the six universities affiliated with Aviation Industry Corporation of China. In 1999, it began to be under the joint jurisdiction of both central and local government, with its daily operation being administered by Henan Provincial Government. In 2013, it obtained authority to confer master’s degree.

Adhering to its motto ofBeing strict, pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising, ZUA has established its own philosophy of putting moral education in the first place and taking teaching as the central task while giving top priority to the quality and morality of its students. The university is committed to the development strategy of synergic management, education and innovation and the service orientation of developing the local economy through its aeronautical industry. Now it has formed its own talent cultivation style of highlighting the discipline of aeronautics with a combination of management and polytechnics, and established its strong competitiveness in the fields of aeronautical industry management and technology application research.

ZUA covers a floor area of over 1,900mu, a building area of over 990,000 square meters and the area ofitslabs stands at 75,000 square meters. Its asset value totals over RMB 1.1 billion, in which the teaching and research equipment values RMB 238 million. It has a library with a collection of 2.33 million books, 1,166 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals and magazines as well as 48 databases of various professions. The sports field in ZUA accounts for over 80,000 square meters.

The university now has 7 disciplines, including management, engineering, economics, law, literature, science and art, with 18majorschools and departments, 3 departments of public instruction, 1 Academy, 1 School of International Education and 1 School of Continuing Education. There are 6 master programs of first-level disciplines, 4 granting units of professional master degree, 3 Provincial Key Disciplines under the Grade 1 Disciplines, 4 Provincial Key Disciplines under the Grade 1 Disciplines and 1 Provincial Characteristic Discipline Cluster. The university has 61 undergraduate majors, 3 of which are listed as special majors at the state level and 9 provincial level and 9 pilot projects of Henan Province in comprehensive reform of majors. It also has 282 practice bases outside the university. Targeting 28 provinces (cites, districts) for admission, ZUA embraces over 28,000 full-time students including undergraduates, graduates and international students. 22 of its specialties, such as accounting, finance, industrial engineering and engineering management, enroll students in the first batch of undergraduate courses.

Students of ZUA actively take participate in different kinds of academic and technological contests and have won over 1,100 prizes above the provincial level in recent 3 years,namely the first prize of National Innovation Design Competition for College Students, bronze medal of the 3rd China College Students “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the third prize of the 13th “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works by Race, etc. The university has been given the honor of “Advanced Collective in Social Practice for College Students” at the state or provincial level for years. It has produced more than 140,000 talents of various kinds for different sectors of the country since its foundation.

The university now has 31 technology research platforms, including 18 platforms above the provincial-level, 1 National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center, 1 provincial Collaborative Innovation Center, 1 provincial key lab, 1 provincial and international joint lab, 3 provincial engineering research centers, 5 provincial engineering labs, 4 provincial engineering technology research centers, 1 provincial research centers and 1 soft science research base.

The university has 3 “Outstanding Talents of the New Century” honored by the Ministry of Education, 1 “1000-talent Plan” for central plains, 7 Scientific and Technological Innovation Teams attheprovincial level,8 Scientific and Technological Innovation talents atthe provincial level, 6 College Scientific and Technological Innovation Teams atthe provincial level, 3 Scientific and Technological Innovation Teams of Zhengzhou city, 14 College Scientific and Technological Innovation talents and 3 Excellent Scholars in Philosophy and Social Science of Henan province. It has won many research projects, including 1 project of Chinese National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholars, 2 National Social Science Foundation key projects, 2 National Soft Science Research projects, 71 projects of the National Natural ScienceFoundation, 12 projects of international cooperation based on NSFC and 45 projects of the National Social Science Foundation. The university has successively hosted three Sino-German bilateral seminars on “Design,Preparation and Application of Advanced Ceramic Materials”, and hosted the 10th Symposium on High Performance Ceramics for Inorganic Non-metallic Materials of China Silicate Academy, the Architectural Economics Annual Conference of China Architecture Society, the International Conference on Management Engineering and Information Technology, the third International Conference on Information Management and Engineering, the 2011 Annual Academic Meeting of Management Accounting and Application Committee of the Accounting Society of China, the 2018 Annual Academic Meeting of China Business Accounting Association, the 15th National Symposium on Consumer Economic Theory and Practice, the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education and the 26th Director Joint Conference of the Department of Archives and the 2018 International Conference on Electromechanical Fusion Systems.

The university has 1,075 full-time teachers, including 107 professors, 323 associate professors, 392 teachers with doctoral degrees, and 1,010 teachers with master's degrees or above. There are 2 members of the Ministry of Education Teaching Steering Committee, 3 “Outstanding Talents of the New Century” honored by the Ministry of Education, 7 experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, 1 doctoral supervisor, 1 provincial excellent expert, and 1 expert enjoying provincial special allowance. There are 7 provincial academic and technical leaders, 53 academic and technical leaders of Provincial Education Department, 71 young provincial backbone teachers, 5 national outstanding teachers, 1 national model teacher, 1 national advanced individual teacher, and 4 provincial teaching models, 12 provincial excellent teachers, 2 provincial advanced education workers, 7 provincial advanced individual teachers, 9 foreign teachers and 185 part-time professors or visiting professors.

The university attaches greatimportanceto exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad. It cooperates with more than 20 foreign universities such as University of Southern California, Florida Institute of Technology, Northwestern University and Ottawa University of Canada to carry out many kinds of in-depth exchanges of students and teachers, scientific research cooperation, etc. ZUA co-established a Confucius Institute at the University of Dodoma, Tanzania and won the title of “2014 Advanced Confucius Institute”, “Advanced Unit of Public Diplomacy” and “China- Tanzania Friendly Ambassador Award”. It works with the University of Highlands and Islands and Warsaw Humanities and Social Sciences University in terms of undergraduate projects, signed a strategic contract with China Aviation Industry Corporation, co-trained student pilots with Beihang University. It is working with Florida Institute of Technology and Henan Yuanjie Co. Ltd. to set up a flight school. The university has built the first French-language alliance base in Henan province and the first Henan base of the China University of Political Science and Law's hard cases research center.

The university aims to cultivate high-quality versatile talents that boast social responsibility, humanity, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and ability of practice. It is a vital talent training base for aviation industry and local economic and social development. Some of its alumni have made outstanding contributions in their fields of expertise, such as Yang Shengming, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Gu Huizhong, former deputy general manager of China Aviation Industry Corporation; Liu Yuezhen, chief accountant of China National Petroleum Corporation; Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Wu Guangquan, Chairman of China General Aircraft Co. Ltd.; Li Yao, Chief Accountant of China Aviation Industry Corporation; Zhou Hui, Chairman of AVIC Guizhou Aircraft Co. Ltd. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has been at the forefront of the province. A number of excellent graduates such as Li Jiuli, the self-improvement star of college students; Liu Bo, general manager of the T-mall Marketing Platform Division and Liu Shuaibo, the main aerial shooting master of the movie “Wolf Warrior 2”. The university has won the honor of “Henan’s Top 10 Most Trustworthy Education Brands”, “Henan Undergraduate College Comprehensive Strength Top 20”, “Henan’s Most Competitive Model College in Employment” and “Welcomed College of Henan Higher Education Quality”.

Adhering to the operation philosophy of “highlighting the discipline of aeronautics with a combination of management and polytechnics”, ZUA, located in the Central Plains, strives for abetter service for the aviation industry and regional economic development through its unique characteristics and a higher level of school operation. The university is now pushing forward toaccomplish a higher-level aeronautical university that enjoys unique characteristics, reasonable structure and ever innovative, coordinated and sustainable development.

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