• Accommodation

    Accommodation:First, our university offers intramural dormitories for overseas students, who will be obliged to adhere to campus rules and regulations.Second, stude...Read full article

  • Sports & Recreation

    Students may use eastern playground, basketball court, tennis court and fitness equipment to keep fit. Besides, on weekends students can also have fun in playing swi...Read full article

  • Life in Zhengzhou

    Zhengzhou is the birthplace of Shang Civilization as well as a well-known commercial port in Chinese history. Located in the geographical center of China as an impor...Read full article

  • Before your arrival

    Belonging to temperate continental monsoon climate, Zhengzhou demonstrates distinct climate differences between the four seasons of the year, characterized by plenty...Read full article

  • Internships & Jobs

    Zhengzhou is the provincial capital of Henan province. Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, also known as ZAEZ, is the first state-level Airport Comprehensive Experimenta...Read full article

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