08/02/2017 16:24 


First, our university offers intramural dormitories for overseas students, who will be obliged to adhere to campus rules and regulations.

Second, students who want to live off campus must go through the formalities to deal with registration.


Check the equipment in your rent house, especially the safety of household electric appliances and gas equipment. If any problem arises, please inform your landlord or landlady to have them repaired. Use your electric appliances and gas equipment safely.

Try to get along well with your landlord or landlady and your neighbors in avoidance of any unnecessary dispute. If disputes arise, please call the local police for help.

When changing your lodging address, please go through the formalities to register again. Please make sure that Student Office knows your new address and contact information so that the university can connect with you easily in case of emergency. The confidentiality of your personal information will be guaranteed by the Student Office

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