Life in Zhengzhou

08/02/2017 16:28 

Zhengzhou is the birthplace of Shang Civilization as well as a well-known commercial port in Chinese history. Located in the geographical center of China as an important industrial city in the central area, Zhengzhou is a main hub city for railways, aviation industry, high-speed roads, electric power, postal and telecommunication services.

By the end of 2011, there have been 2,324 schools of various levels , 2.428 million students enrolled at the school and 138.8 thousand teaching staff in Zhengzhou.

The eastern campus of the Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics is located in Longzi Lake Campus of Colleges and Universities in Zhengdong New District where the population of teaching staff and students has exceeded 150,000.

Zhengzhou has one first-class airport, a railway station and a second-class road port. Besides, cargo in Zhengzhou can go through a joint inspection and then be transported to foreign countries. Now logistic system, which is a trinity of road port, railway port and airport, has been formed step by step, which is supported by an integrated transportation system including railway, road, subway, aviation and so on.

There is a great number of tourist attractions such as Songshan Shaolin Temple, Emperor Huangdi’s Native Place, Yellow River Tourist Area, Kangbaiwan Manor, the Yellow River Scenic Area, Fuxi Mountain and Dragon Gorge, Songyang Academy, Gu Bai Du Scenic Area and so on. There are also various kinds of parks such as People’s Park, Century Amusement Park, The Afforestration Garden of Zhengzhou, Fangta Wild, Zijingshan Park, Wenbo Square, Zhengzhou Children’s Amusement Park, BiShagang Park, Zhengzhou Zoo, Zhengzhou Botanic Garden, Zhengzhou Marine Museum, Jinlu Ostrich Park, Wuyi Park, Forest Park near Zhongzhou Road, Xiliu Lake Park, Zhengzhou Forest Park in CBD, Zhengzhou Chinese Rose Park, Red and White Flower Garden and so on.

Zhengzhou also has many stadiums, for example, Hanghai Stadium and Henan Sports Center. With a capacity of 50,000 people, Henan Sports Center is equipped with an athletic field, track field, football field, baseball field and a gymnasium for training with supporting facilities.

Zhengzhou citizens feed on food made of flour such as steamed bun, Chinese pancake, fried vegetable pie and so on. Zhengzhou is well-known as “the city of Stewed Noodles” and restaurants of stewed noodles such as the time-honoured brand “Heji” Stewed Noodles with Braised Mutton and Xiaoji Stewed Noodles in three kinds of soup (chicken soup, bone soup and mutton soup) can be found easily. Henan Cuisine has many local characteristics and some famous dishes are “Noodles baked with Carp”, “Spring Chicken in Salt”, “Set of Treasures” (made of duck, chicken, pigeon and quail meat).

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