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ZUA has established partnerships agreements with universities in various countries, America, Great Britain, France and Germany to name a few. There are more than ten exchange programs, offering students the choice of various majors. Enrolled students can select from an extensive list. In recent years, the number of students studying abroad via exchange programs has increased gradually. Feedback from students and parents speak highly of and endorse the summer exchange programs, the exchange within semester programs and the double degree exchange programs. Here is a list of our major exchange programs:

  1. Cooperative projects with universities in Poland

In collaboration with prestigious European universities, this projectaims atundergraduate students. Universities in Poland and ZUA have a mutually recognizable subject credit system. By verifying, reducing and exempting subject credits, students can get double degrees through 1+3 or 2+2 programs.

  1. 1+2+1 Sino-US Cooperative Education Project

Sino-US Cooperative Education Project is based on mutually recognizable subject credit system between ZUA and 21 universities in the US. Students who are selected will finish their freshman and senior years at ZUA and study abroad in the US during their sophomore and junior years. Students can get both Chinese and Americandiplomasand double bachelor’s degrees.

  1. Exchange within Semester Project

Students can choose from a number of French universities for a one or two semesters’ exchange program.

  1. Art Major Exchange Project with Italian University

Art major students can go to Italy on a one semester exchange.

Project Details

  1. Université du Le Havre-Freshman Exchange Project (French Major Only)

Project Details: ZUA has signed cooperation agreement withUniversitédu Le Havre. French major students can apply for this project during their freshman or sophomore year. Students who are selected will go to theUniversitédu Le Havre during their sophomore or junior year for one year’s study (two semesters). French will be the core course and several business courses will be introduced into the curriculum during the second semester. ZUA will recognize the courses and credits students get in France provided they have passed all the courses taken at theUniversitédu Le Havre. Students will continue their courses at ZUA on their return

Université du Le Havre Profile

  1. Type: Public University

  2. Founded : 1984


  4. Location: City Le Havre

  5. Accredited to award the following degrees: Bachelor / Master / PhD / Advanced PhD

  6. Le Havre is listed as a World Cultural Heritage site (2005).

  7. Le Havre is the largest container port in France, with the British harbor of Portsmouth just across the channel.

  8. Le Havre has the second largest museum in France; it is also the birthplace of the impressionist painter, Monet.

  9. It was merged with the former University of Normandy. It has 70, 000 students, 2, 200 doctoral candidates and 4, 000 teachers at the university.

  10. Foreign students from more than 20 countries live and study here.

  11. Students can choose to have tuition in eleven different languages.

  12. The university has an established International Relations Department to deal with foreign students’ affairs.

Acceptance Requirements

Interested students must have passed all courses undertaken at ZUA (about the verification of courses). Students must be a above command of French or display an aptitude to learn a new language. Students should be able to attain, TCF/ TEF examination results of B1 level after receiving training. Students must have a clean disciplinary record at ZUA. Students must be able to live independently in a foreign country and they must be economically independent.

Project Costs

Fees for Domestic Affairs: 10,000 RMB (qualification examination, application and Visa)

Fees for Foreign Affairs will be advised (including but not limited to pick-up at the French airport, assisting registration procedures, apartment registration, local medical insurance purchase and local bank accounts as well as other assistance and services).

Please be advised that all charges from the third parties during visa application will be charged according to the publicly announced standards of those agencies, which include but not limited to materials notary fee, certification fee, visa fee, examination fee and tutoring fee.

Tuition fee for one-year exchange: approximately 3, 200 Euros / year (about 600 academic hours included)

French university qualification verification ( pre- registration): 300 Euros / year

French university registration and insurance fees: approximately 400 Euros / year

Estimated living cost abroad: 60, 000 to 70, 000 RMB/ year (including accommodation, catering, transportation, medical insurance, etc.)

2. Poland Exchange Project

Project Introduction

In collaboration with several Polish universities, this projectmainlyaimsat undergraduate students. Universities in Poland and ZUA have a mutually recognizable subject credit system. After verifying, reducing and exempting credits, students can get double degrees through 1+3 or 2+2 programs. It does not extend the four year duration of the domestic undergraduate degree course and it’s more affordable. Students can get a domestic diploma and academic degree as well as a Polish diploma and academic degree. This then affords the student the possibility of admission to graduate schools at Universities within the EU without having to sit for the entrance examination.

Project Advantages

  1. Global certification of European university degree, certified by Ministry of Education of China

  2. Access to European Universities’ Graduate Schools without sitting for their entrance examinations

  3. Low cost of living and learning

  4. Internship abroad and part-time job income

  5. No “IELTS” or “TOEFL” scores needed

  6. Employment in European countries

Partnership Universities

  1. University of Warsaw

  2. Warsaw University of Science and Humanities

  3. SOF,School of Form

  4. Warsaw University of Technology

  5. University of Lodz

  6. Silesian University of Technology

  7. Technical University of Lodz

  8. Jagiellonian University

  9. Kozminski University

  10. Gdansk University of Technology

  11. Szczecin University

Acceptance Requirements

Students should pass all the courses in ZUA (this is about the reorganization of courses).Studentsshould command high level of English proficiency. Students should have high self-discipline (no record of discipline violations back in ZUA). Students should be able to live independently in a foreign country and they should also have a rather stable and reliable economic condition.

  1. 1+2+1 Sino-US Double Degrees Education Project

1+2+1 Sino-US Double Degrees Education Project is a collaborative two-way exchange project jointly organized by the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), the China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE) and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). It now forms part of the Sino-US Cultural Exchange insinuative and high-level consultation mechanism program. The CCIEE and AASCU will select qualified universities in China and the USA as members of the project. Its function is to assume the education responsibility of the exchange program. As of September 2014, there are 132 universities taking part in this project (107 Chinese Universities and 25 American Universities).

SINCE 2014, 1410 undergraduate and graduate students have graduated and who have received Chinese and Americandiplomas/degrees and (Master’s) degrees simultaneously. At present there are many students from both countries completingtheirdouble degrees at either Chinese or American Universities.

Project Advantages

  1. Easy admission and visa application process

  2. Double degrees

  3. Ability to pursue further studies

  4. Good prospects of highly paid employment

  5. Excellent management mechanism

  6. Cost saving

3. Partnership Universities

1. Ball State University (BSU)

2. The City University of New York, York College (York, CUNY)

3. Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW)

4. The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP)

5. Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

6. Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)

7. Eastern Washington University (EWU)

8. Emporia State University (ESU)

9. Humboldt State University (HSU)

10. California State University, Fresno (Fresno)

11. California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB)

12. Carolina Coast University (CCU)

13. Colorado State University Pueblo Campus (CSU-Pueblo)

14. University of Nebraska (Garnier) (UNK)

15. University of South Carolina Upstate (Upstate)

16. University of North Texas (UNT)

17. Salem State University (SSU)

18. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC)

19. Western Illinois University (WIU)

20. University of Hawaii-Hilo (UH-Hilo)

21. University of Central Florida (UCF)

22. Northern Arizona University (NAU)

23. George Mason University (GMU)

24. Troy University (Troy)

Acceptance Requirements

  1. This project is open to first year students of ZUA. Students academic record must be above average as the majority of American Universities require students to have a attained a minimum of 70% overall grade in the first semester.. Sophomore students may also apply but only with ZUA’s consent.

  2. Students must have an above average ability to communicate in English and have to attain a mark of no less than 70% in an English proficiency test.

  3. Students must display self discipline and have no sociably unacceptable behavior traits. Students must be able to adapt to a new environment easily and be mature enough to live independently in a foreign country.

  4. Students musthavefinancialstability and support and be able to abide by all relevant rules and regulations of their new institution

Contact Information

1+2+1 Project Consultant:

Phone: 010-58782831 / 58782975/58782834


Fax: 010-58698695


WeChat ID: cciee-121

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