Visa & Regulations

08/03/2017 16:27 


1.Foreign students should register with School of International Education, ZUA before the 1stof September and the 1stof March each year. During registration, foreign students should comply with stipulated payment requirements (payment for four-week visiting students in accordance with the admission plan brochure of that year). Students who fail to register on time will not receive training and their foreign students’ status will be automatically revoked.

2.The School of International Education will assist foreign students with formalities such as visa requirements, physical medical examinations, residence permits and other required formalities.

3.After registration students are expected to sign the accommodation agreement with the School of International Education. All scholarship students and self-financed students must pay a housing deposit and IC card deposit (for water and electricity); receipts should be kept in order that these deposits can be refunded when students leave ZUA. Self-financed students should pay their accommodation fees by due date.

4.Other regulations to be complied with are contained in theStudent s’ Handbook of ZUA.


1.The education and management of foreign students’ affairs of ZUA is in accordance with national laws and regulations and relevant university rules. Foreign students must abide by the laws and regulations of China as well as the rules and disciplines of ZUA, thus respecting the social morality and customs of China and ZUA.

2.ZUA will not organize or condone foreign studentstoparticipatein political activities. ZUA can organize volunteer programs for interested foreign students who want to volunteer in community services and other such activities. ZUA welcomes and encourages foreign students to join in recreational and sports activities held by the university; foreign students can also voluntarily participate in the celebration of major festivals of our country.

3.ZUA respects foreign students’ national customs and religious beliefs, but will not allow religious ceremonies on the campus. Religious propaganda and gatherings on campus are strictly prohibited.

4.With the approval of ZUA, foreign students may celebrate important traditional festivals of their own country at designated places on the campus. However, practicesthat advocate violenceordiscriminate againstother countries or cultures or any conduct that will lead to civil disobedience or offend public morals are strictly forbidden.

5.These regulations will be enforced as of the day of promulgation, and the School of International Education of ZUAreserves the right of interpretation of these regulations.

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