Academic Communication

08/03/2017 11:10 

Aiming at improving the quality of scientific research, our university has taken a series of measures and policies to strengthen the development of scientific infrastructure. As a result, our university has successively achieved one project of “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 61 projects of “National Natural Science Foundation of China”, 32 projects of “National Social Science Foundation of China”. In recent five years, our university has been responsible for near 60 National Defense Scientific Research Projects and over 760 Provincial-level Projects.

Our university has successfully held various academic conferences of great importance in and out of China such as Sino-German Symposium on “Design, Process and Application of Advanced Ceramic Materials”, “2015 Forum for Smart Airport’s Planning and Development”, “The 10th Annual Meeting of China Association for Science and Technology-Forum on the Construction of Logistic Industry System in Central China”, “2011 Annual Conference of Management Accounting and Application Specialized Committee of Accounting Society of China”, “Sino-Korea International Meeting for Quality Science and Productivity Promotion” and so on, and all these events played great roles in promoting academic communication and cooperation.

Trying to keep up with the development of the economy, society and aviation industry in Henan Province, our university has taken the advantage of its own characteristics and disciplines to be a member of constructing Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, aiming to create its own features, seek further development and improve comprehensive competitiveness. Our university also established Collaborative Innovation Center for Aviation Economy Development and Collaborative Innovation Center for Aviation Materials Technology, employed the author ofAerotropolisJohn Kasarda, the professor with University of North Carolina in America, as the chief scientist of Collaborative Innovation Center for Aviation Economy Development, and then set up the John Kasarda work station (China). Now Collaborative Innovation Center for Aviation Economy Development has been listed in Henan Collaborative Innovation Center Construction Plan.

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