School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has developed from the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, first founded in 1985. Through a thirty-year arduous journey, the school has adhered to its motto of learning extensively, believing firmly, and practicing forgiveness and perseverance, so as to promote preciseness, pragmatism, cooperation and innovation. Under such visions, it seeks to train its graduates with comprehensive quality, innovation spirit, and practical skills, aiming to serve the development of aviation industry, the central plains economic region and the construction of Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone.

The School now has a faculty of 80 staff members (72 of them are full-time), including 14 professors, and 27 associate professors. 26 of our teachers have doctorial degrees, 40 have Master’s degrees. Among them, there are 1 doctorial supervisor, and 12 master’s supervisors. Our teachers have won tremendous honors at different levels: 1 National Outstanding teacher, 1 enrolled in National New Century Talents Project by the Ministry of Education, 1 Outstanding Teacher at the provincial level, 2 Academic and Technological Leaders of Henan province, 8 Young Core Instructor of Henan Province and etc..  

The School has been offering 5 undergraduate programs including Machine Manufacture and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Material Forming and Control Engineering, Automation and Vehicle Engineering, recruiting students from 26 provinces nationwide, now with a total number of 2,200 full-time undergraduates. The School has established 6 teaching and research sections, (Machine Manufacturing, Automation, Material Processing, Machine Design, Mechanics and Drafting), and 3 laboratories (Electromechanical Engineering Center, Material Engineering Center and Electric Engineering Center). The floor area of laboratories is around 5,600 . They are equipped with 835 advanced equipments, worth more than 14 million yuan. The 6 research institutes include Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Aeronautical Material, Precision Forming and Moulding, Aviation Equipment Technological Support, and Robotics and Automation, which have laid a solid foundation for scientific research in the school. Our school operates a training center to provide AutoCAD Training for students from other colleges and technical secondary school nationwide, and has co-founded several bases for teaching practice, joint training and science and technology cooperation, with Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group, Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Group, CAMI, Foxcoon Technology Group and many other enterprises.  

The School aims to boost the construction of academic disciplines, scientific research, and platform. It currently possesses 2 provincial key disciplines (Machine Manufacture and Automation, Material Forming and Control Engineering) and 3 key disciplines at the university level (Machine Manufacture and Automation, Material Forming and Control Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering). The school has built up 5 key laboratories (Henan Engineering Lab for Ceramic Materials, Henan Engineering and Technological Research Center for Aviation Manufacturing and Equipment, Henan Provincial Key Lab for Aviation Materials and Engineering Technology, and 2 Zhengzhou Key Labs for Digitalized Manufacture for Aeronautical Products and of Aeronautical Materials). It also hosts 4 innovation research teams at the provincial and the university levels. In recent years, the school has undertaken more than 100 research tasks and projects, including that supported by National Natural Science Fund, the New Century Excellent Talents Project by Chinas Ministry of Education, Outstanding Talents for Technology Innovation Project by Henan Province, and Aeronautical Science Fund etc., with the total value of more than 70 million yuan. Awards come along, including 1 first prize for Shanxi Science and Technology Award, 4 second prizes for Henan Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 second prize for Hebei Technology Invention Awards, 1 second prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award etc.. We have also acquired 21 authorized invention patents, published 10 academic monographs, 12 textbooks, and over 700 academic papers (including 300 SCI or EI indexed publications), which has annually earned the school the title of Advanced Scientific Research Group(first prize) in ZUA for seven consecutive years.

The School pays special attention to enhance the quality of undergraduate teaching, thus making remarkable progress. At the provincial level, the Machine Manufacture and Automation major is listed as the Comprehensive Reform Experimental Unit, the major of Machine Manufacture and Automation, and the major of Electrical Engineering and Automation are honored as special majors. The teaching staff for the courses of the Basis of Machinery Disciplines, has been awarded the title of Excellent Teaching Team in Henan Province. The Electromechanical Engineering Lab and Materials Engineering Lab are listed as Demonstration Teaching and Laboratory Centers in Henan province and the course of Machine Manufacture Engineering is a provincial excellent course. At the university level, its two majors, Machine Manufacture and Automation, and Electrical Engineering and Automation are honored as ZUAs special majors, while the major of Machine Manufacture and Automation, and the major of Material Forming and Control Engineering are listed both as the university’s Comprehensive Reform Experimental Units and as the Outstanding Talents Training Program. The school seeks to improve its teaching quality. There are 3 school-level teaching teams covering three major courses, namely, Machine Manufacture and Automation, the Basis of Machinery Disciplines, and Electromechanical Engineering and Automation. The 3 school-level Demonstration Teaching and Experiments Centers include the Electromechanical Engineering Lab, the Materials Engineering Lab and the Electric Engineering Lab. Also, the school offers 7 school-level excellent courses, namely Principles of Mechanics, Machinery Design, Engineering Mechanics, Basis of Machine Manufacturing Skills, Machine Manufacture Engineering, Basis of Material Science and Principles of Automatic Control. All of the aforementioned achievements confirm our expertise in teaching.    

  The school provides training for innovative talents and prepares its graduates for further education and job market. It adheres to a principle which emphasizes a people-oriented education to meet the demands of social development, and the national strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development. Therefore, it attaches great importance to the students practical ability and innovation spirit, and encourages their personality development. Our students have achieved great results of various types and levels in innovation contests and won more than 80 national and provincial level awards, such as the “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, and the National Undergraduate Mechanic Innovative Design Contest etc.. With the employment rate of over 90%, the school has continuously ranked among the top in ZUAs schools in recent years. We have many excellent graduates who are now working in governmental offices such as in the General Office of State Council, and State Customs, or recruited as military technical personnel. In the past 3 years, 233 students have been admitted to key universities to pursue their master’s degree, such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,  Beijing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsNorthwestern Polytechnical University etc., boosting the acceptance rate up to 40%. According to follow-up investigations, our graduates have received high praise from employers far and wide for possessing comprehensive qualities, strong manual dexterity and high adaptability. They have become backbones for their companies’ business in a short time. Each year, the school receives the title of Advanced Unit for our graduates’ high employment rate.

The School is now taking advantage of Henan provinces strategy of developing Aviation Industry, Central Plains Economic Region and Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone. By focusing on its special fields and aiming to serve the local economy, it is committed to talents training, scientific research and social service, paying particular contributions to China’s Aviation Industry and the economic boom of the Central Plain Economic Region.

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