ZUA: A University Co-sponsored by Ministry and Province

01/19/2018 10:52 

Recently, the People's Government of Henan Province signs an agreement with the Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC) to jointly build Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics(ZUA), marking ZUA's entry into the ranks of university co-sponsored by province and ministry.

According to the agreement, the People's Government of Henan Province will increase its supports for ZUA in terms of policy and investment, so as to create favorable conditions and environment for speeding up its reform and development. Besides, the government will list ZUA as key constructed university, conclude it into the planning of high-level university construction in Henan, and give supports to build ZUA into a backbone university with characteristics of aeronautics, give the key priority to civil aviation. In addition to these, it will also give policy inclinations in reviewing the applications of key R&D projects, attracting high-level talents, construction of key disciplines, laboratories, and academic degrees, and enrollment scale. Furthermore, it will encourage ZUA to provide intellectual and technical supports, information and consulting services for the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone on the basis of two platforms, Collaborative Innovation Center for Aviation Economy Development and Zhengzhou Institute of Aviation Industry Technology. And it also supports ZUA to service the construction of Henan culture, strengthen the aeronautical cultural construction, making it to be the national promotion and education base for aeronautical culture.

In accordance with the agreement, CAAC will give key support to ZUA, and include its development into the overall planning of civil programs. It will actively support ZUA to build into an aeronautical university and give more guidance and supports in civil aviation-related disciplines and discipline constructions, personnel training, construction of teaching staff, academic research, scientific and technological breakthrough; in base construction and related key laboratory construction for personnel training of civil aviation; in exchanges and cooperation between ZUA and civil aviation enterprises and its participation in scientific and technological research in civil aviation.

According to the agreement, in the process of promoting Ministerial and Provincial Co-sponsorship, under the leaderships, supports and guidance of People's Government of Henan Province and CAAC, ZUA will earnestly implement the joint construction, adhere to the schooling features of highlighting aeronautics and combining the discipline of management with polytechnics, deepening reform and improve its schooling level and service ability, so as to make greater contributions to the development of civil aviation, economy and society of Henan.

In recent years, ZUA docks with aeronautical industry and regional economic development on its own initiative through the establishments of Zhengzhou Institute of Aviation Industry Technology and Collaborative Innovation Center for Aviation Economy Development and Henan Aviation Economy Research Center to build the collaborative innovation platforms to service aviation industry and regional economy. Besides, it adheres to dock the chain of industry with the chains of discipline and profession, which means to arrange the disciplines of aeronautical industries. Meanwhile, ZUA should build its dominant special discipline of aeronautics and support related emerging disciplines to create a high-level scientific research platform. And discipline group of aeronautical technology and economy is the only dominant special discipline in Henan. The construction of new-type university think tank pools an array of domestic and international high-end talents in aeronautical technology and economy, which is viewed by the People's Government of Henan Province as the high-end think tank in aeronautical technology and economy with its key support.

Under the right leadership of provincial Party committee and government and specific guidance of provincial Department of Education, ZUA has made it clear the thirteenth Five-Year Plan: to rise to the high-level special backbone university in Henan with distinctive features, reasonable scale and structure, higher ability, innovation, open and enterprising spirit, sustainable and coordinated development. To this end, ZUA will persist in its development philosophy: taking the construction of special backbone university as the main direction, integrating into aeronautical industry and regional economy, coordinating schooling, education and innovation.

Being co-sponsored by the ministry and province, ZUA will benefit from the strategic decision of Ministry of Education that different parties could jointly construct the universities with industrial features. It also benefits from the leadership of the provincial Party committee and government and the full supports and guidance of provincial Department of Education; the great importance attached by the CAAC and its in-depth cooperation, efforts of all the teachers and students, care and supports to Alma Mater from a great deal of alumni.

ZUA will become the first university in Henan co-sponsored by People's government of Henan Province and CAAC after the co-sponsorship, marking a new historical starting point of its development. Therefore, it will promote ZUA to thoroughly implement the guidance of 19th CPC National Congress and Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics for new era, render both rooted in the Central Plain, and make its new and greater contribution on the journey to make the plain greater and achieve decisive success of building a well-off society in all respects.

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