Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People's Government of Henan Province led by Inspector Guo Junfeng comes to ZUA for research and giving guidance

03/12/2018 10:30 

On March, 5th, Inspector Guo Junfeng, Chief of Protocol Department of the office Liu Bao, Deputy Chief Zhang Zhongxun come to Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics(ZUA) for research and giving guidance on foreign affairs. President of ZUA Li Yong, Vice President Zhao Jian and Guo Junfeng have a cordial encounter with them.


Li Yong extends his warm welcome to Guo Junfeng and his entourage for the office's tremendous supports in international development of ZUA over the years. And he focuses on introducing the school-running characteristics of highlighting aeronautics and combining the discipline of management with polytechnics and training compound talents. He says that in 2017, ZUA has become a university co-sponsored by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and People's Government of Henan Province. In particular, under the background of the rapid development of civil aviation in recent years, in response to the development needs of the core industries of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, ZUA will combine its own conditions and characteristics, focus on training professionals of technology, management, service in aviation-related industries, and seek for deep integration into and provide service in the construction of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

Guo Junfeng says that as the only aeronautical university in Henan Province, ZUA undertakes the important responsibility for cultivating aeronautical talents for the development of Henan Province. It should integrate personnel training into local and regional economic development and upgrade the talents’ overall capabilities to meet the needs of the civil aviation industry in the new era and realize leap-forward development.

After the meeting, Guo Junfeng and his delegation hold informal discussions with student representatives from School of Civil Aviation to know how students study and live in ZUA.

Relevant heads of the International Office and School of Civil Aviation join the meeting as company.

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