ZUA's Visit to Universities in the U.S. and Canada

07/25/2018 15:28 

From July 4 to 11, ZUA's Secretary of the Party Committee Fu Qiang led a delegation of five people to visit five overseas universities for further exchanges and cooperation, including University of Southern California, California Baptist University, Florida Institute of Technology, University of Ottawa, and Seneca College. During the trip, the delegation conducted visits, investigations, meetings and discussions in a pragmatic, efficient and intensive manner, for cooperation and joint development, yielding many important consensuses. The visit was a complete success with fruitful results.

A breakthrough: Signing Letter of Intent for Cooperation in Civil Aviation Safety and Security Project with University of Southern California

University of Southern California, as a world-famous university, established its Civil Aviation Safety and Security Project in 1952, the golden standard of international civil aviation safety management education. It leads the development of civil aviation safety concept and enjoys a high reputation in the civil aviation industry.

On the morning of July 5 in the U.S., the delegation visited its civil aviation accident investigation laboratory and held talks with Dr. Thomas Ansney, director of Civil Aviation Safety and Security Project of the laboratory.

During the talk, Fu Qiang briefed ZUA's safety engineering major in detail. This major in ZUA relies closely on the Quality Management discipline, continuously expands and deepens the application of safety engineering technology and management methods in civil and general aviation on the basisof continuing its served industrial production system. He believed that Civil Aviation Safety major is an important bond for cooperation between the two sides. He hoped to enhance all-round cooperation and exchange in training civil aviation safety engineers and teachers, joint training of masters and undergraduates, scientific research cooperation and platform construction in civil aviation safety and accident investigation.

Dr. Thomas Ansney analyzed deeply the cooperation and its possibility in the field of civil aviation safety. He believed that both should further communication and exchange, and carry out and deepen fruitful cooperation in civil aviation safety.

An initial intention to cooperate was reached after in-depth communication. Fu Qiang, on behalf of ZUA, signed Letter of Intent for Cooperation in Civil Aviation Safety and Security Projects with University of Southern California. Both sides would conduct more in-depth exchangeson how to cooperate, and promote cooperation projects to take root.

Further communication: Promoting solid progress inearliercooperation projects

This visit highlighted negotiation and promotion of signed cooperation projects. During the visit, the delegation visited California Baptist University and Florida Institute of Technology respectively for further promotion of a number of key projects.

On the afternoon of July 5 at the California Baptist University, Professor Larry,Vice President of the University, and Dr. Antony,Dean of School of Engineering, accompanied the delegation to visit the world-leading teaching and practice venues and facilities. Zhang Zhihong form the delegation presented further introduction and feedbacks on the two undergraduate course-cooperation projects signed by the two sides earlier. Both agreed that more detailed communications would be conducted through video conference on issuesof curriculum arrangement and teaching practice. As for better connection of courses, Baptist University hopes to explore the remote teaching modeafter further analyzing and testing the equipment and technology.

On the afternoon of the 6th at Florida Institute of Technology, the delegation held talks with Dr. Ma Kai, President and CEO of this institute, Vice President Dr. Xu Peifeng, and Du Bangbo, charger of College of Aeronautics.

Fu Qiang stressed that ZUA thought highly of cooperation with internationally famed universities, and would firmly grasp the opportunities brought by "Double First-Class" initiative despite difficulties, and make the cooperation stronger, deeper and more detailed.

Both exchanged the signed memorandum of cooperationincommercial majors and airmanship major, and conducted in-depth and detailed discussions and negotiations on the professional training program, teaching schedule, curriculum matching and credit recognitions.

Both agreed to match and integrate professional curriculum concerning airmanship, promote teachers exchanges on talents training, and improve the training program, so as to systematize two learning stages home and at abroad for students in joint training program. The delegation also visited its airfield and teaching facilities of College of Aeronautics.

Deeper cooperation: Signing MOUframeworkagreement with Canadian university

On the morning of July 10 in Canada, the delegation visited Seneca College. The signed MOU framework agreement covers exchangein teachers and technicians, student, academy, culture, international training programs, and talent training programs.

In his speech,President David Agnew said that a good cooperative relationship had been established. The college fully understood the development history of ZUA and the current strong development trend of China's aviation industry. The signing would certainly push the cooperation to new heights and further joint development of the aviation industry between the two countries.

Fu Qiang pointed out that all-round cooperation in various fields is expected following the established good inter-university cooperation. He said that the friendship between China and Canada has a long history, and the Chinese people have so far remembered and praised the selfless support and help given by the Canadian people represented by Bethune, an international communist fighter, to China's anti-fascist war. This cooperation agreement will achieve win-win results in continuously improving the scientific research and education for both sides through in-depth cooperation and exchanges, and further deepen the friendship between China and Canada.

On the morning of July 8 at University of Ottawa, the delegation met the charger of key laboratory of Faculty of Engineering, exchanged views on cooperation on connecting each other's high-end aviation laboratory projects, and reached an initial intention of cooperation. Both agreed to take this meeting as an opportunity to further cooperation in research and development, joint construction of world-class laboratories, and strive for major breakthroughs in related fields earlier.

Active exploration: Tapping greater potential of joint training

On the afternoon of July 7 in the Chinese embassy to Canada, the delegation had a long talk with Consultant General Han Tao

Fu Qiang introduced in detail the international cooperation and exchanges with universities in the United States and Canada, and the plans for further cooperation. He said that ZUA activelysought cooperation with universities with strong advantages in engineering in Europe and the United States in hopes of in-depth exchanges in joint training in students and teachers, scientific research cooperation and discipline development, for better educating and higher internationalization.

Han Tao said that despite the long distance, the two countries have a long history in people-to-people exchanges. Education cooperation has always been the focus of bilateral cooperation. In the past two years, high-level official visits between China and Canada have been frequent. This year marks the year of friendship for both. The embassy will promote bilateral educational cooperation. He hoped that ZUA would seize opportunities, make persistent efforts and keep in close contact with the embassy for further cooperation and exchange with Canadian universities, realization of the greater potential in joint talent training.

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