National Institute of Transport in Tanzania Visits ZUA for Cooperation

09/15/2018 15:26 

On the morning of September 10, President Zacharia Mganilwa from National Institute of Transport in Tanzania and his delegates visited ZUA. They had a cordial encounter with President of ZUA Li Yong and Vice President Zhao Jian. Then Mr. Zhao held working talks with them.

Mr. Li extended a warm welcome to the foreign guests. He said: “ZUA attaches great importance to the cooperation between the two sides. Both can draw to each other as ZUA with a long history and aeronautics characteristics, has many similarities with National Institute of Transport in major setting, educating andtalent training. We hope to take your visit as an opportunity to put our cooperation intent into practice.”

During the talk, Vice President Zhao, on behalf of ZUA, welcomed President Zacharia Mganilwa and presented a detailed introduction concerning development history,major setting andtalenttraining modeconcerning aviation. He said that last May when President Li Yong visited National Institute of Transport, both sides had reached cooperative intent. President Zacharia Mganilwa's visit wouldpromote our achieved fruits into practice. He also believed that both hoped to cooperate in accounting, aviation engineering, logistics management and other majors, so as to adjust concerned cooperative curriculum, mode and resources of teachers as soon as possible, in an effort to sign the cooperation agreement successfully.

President Zacharia Mganilwa appreciated the hospitality and briefed the basic situation of National Institute of Transport in details. He said thatit aimed to train talents in aviation, railway and road transportation for Tanzania in efforts to solve the shortage of talents in transportation management and professional and technicaltalents. He hoped to work deeply together and achieve substantial fruits in aviation maintenance, logistics andairmanship.

After the meeting, President Zacharia Mganilwa and hisdelegation visited Virtual Simulation Center and Aviation Culture Center.

They were accompanied by officials from the TeachingAffairs Office, Admission and Enrollment Office, International Office,School ofAviation Engineering, School of Civil Aviation and School of Logistics.

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