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The School of Accounting developed from the accounting class of Pingyuan Provincial Financial School, which was first founded in 1949,the same year when PRC was established. In 1978,the resumption of the college entrance examination gave it the chance to enroll its first batch of three-year undergraduates, majoring inindustrial enterprise financeand accounting. In1984, it was approved to recruit four-year undergraduates majoring in accounting. With a long established history, it has steadily grown into the training base for accounting personnel inZUA. With a pioneering spirit,the school adheres to its rigorous academic standards and has continuously supplied more than 10,000 senior financial professionals for defense industries such as aviation and aerospace. Till now there are over 8000 graduates who have been highly praised by society.

Currently, the school has three undergraduate majors including accounting, auditing, and financial management, and three undergraduate professional programs, namely CIMA experimental class,ACCA experimental class and registered-accountant-oriented class. In 2000, the accounting major was assessed as the only one in Henan Province that was co-operated by the National Ministry of Education. In 2005, it was awardedas the brand major of Henan Province and in 2008 as a national characteristic specialty. In 2003, the auditing major resumed enrolment and made ZUA the second college with this major in China since the nation’s readjustment of the national undergraduate catalog. In 2010, it was approved to be a specialty major at the national level. In 1999, Financial Management Major was set up and became a specialty major at the provincial level by Henan Province in 2012.

The School was the first in Henan province to enroll students majoring in Accounting (experimental class of CIMA discipline).Supported byits three majors,Accounting,Auditing and Financial Management, the accounting discipline was approved to be Henan Province’s Key Disciplinein 2008. To promote scientific research, three key labs and teaching& research centers have been established, including the Accounting Data Mining Lab(2009),the Accounting Experimental Teaching Center(2010),andthe Accounting and Finance ResearchCenter (2012).All are leading centers in Henan Province. The accounting department began to recruit graduate students in 2014 and received authority to confer Master of Professional Accountingin 2015.Based on joint education programs with Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Jinan University,and Tianjin University of Finance Economics, the schoolis now able to train its own graduates independently.

The school’s administration consists of the Dean’sOffice, School Office, Accounting Department, Financial Management Department, Auditing Department, Information Department,International Accounting Department, Accounting Experiment Center,International Programs Center and Dual Degree Office.

The School Office is subdivided into Administrative Office,StudentAffairs Office and Reference Room. The Accounting Experimental TeachingCenter includesa data mininglaboratory,an information laboratory,an accounting laboratory,an auditing laboratory and a financial laboratory. The center is equipped with modern facilities and advanced technology,which can support empirical research, multimedia teaching,as well as accounting, auditing, financial and informational experiments. By the end of 2015, the reference room has registered more than 6000 volumes of books, more than 5000 published magazines and 78 subscribed journals (including 9 foreign journals).

The school has 65 professional teachers, including 14 professors,and 23 associate professors,16 of them with doctoral degrees, 47 with master degrees and 2 PhD candidates.Its teaching staff has won tremendous honors and awards, such as the honor of National Outstanding Teacher,the title of Excellent Teacher in Henan Province and Young Backbone Teacher.16 of them serve as supervisors for postgraduate students.8 are elected to be academic leaders by the Education Department of Henan Province.One of the teachers is highly respected as China’s leading academic talentin auditing, the only one candidate from Henan Province.4 teachers are elected to be the leading academic talents in Henan Province in accounting.In 2007, the accounting teaching team was among the first to win the honor of Provincial Teaching Team in Henan Province.In 2010 and 2015, teaching teams of Financial Management and Core Courses in Auditing won the same title.

In the past five years,its faculty haspublished more than 360 papers invarious journals including the Nankai Business Review,China Soft ScienceAccountingStudyAuditing Study etc., 12 academic monographs such as The Enterprise Investment Under Market Competition:Theoretical and Empirical Study, and Research on Accounting Information Transmission Efficiency, and 30 text books.The teachers have successfully undertakennumerousprojects including 5National Natural Science Fundand NationalSocialScienceFund projects, over 80 projects supported bythe Aviation Science Foundation, Henan philosophical and social science planning,as well as the soft science projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, receiving financial supports worth more than4,500,000yuan. The School attaches great importance to learning and communication with domestic and foreign experts, regularly sending visiting scholars to colleges at home or abroad and participating in high level academic conferences.

Over the years,by diligence and pioneering spirit,teachers and students of the school have made remarkable achievements in teaching and scientific research. The school will adhere to social responsibility with full enthusiasm, and be committed to cultivating accounting expertise with innovative spirit.

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