School of Business Administration

08/03/2017 09:33 

Founded in 1949, the School of Business Administration is one of the oldest and largest in ZUA. It has provided numerous entrepreneurs and administrative expertise for China’saviation industry. Tian min, Chief Account in Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China is one of our distinguished alumni.

The school has 4 undergraduate professional pathways -Business Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Tourism Management and 2 postgraduate programs- Human Resources Management and marketing innovation. With more than 1,500 full-time students currently, the school has also witnessed its development in discipline construction. Business Management was approved to be the specialty major at the provincial level in 2012. Marketing was awarded the honor of Brand Major by ZUA in 2006 and was included in the specialty major construction project of Henan province in 2010 afterHuman Resource Management was approved to join the same project in 2008.

Up to now,the School has 58 teaching staff,among them there were 9  professors, 22  associate  professors, and 11  PhD  candidates. Our teachers have won prizes and honors at different levels. 5 of them are awarded the title of Academic Technology Leaders by the Education Department of Henan provinceand one as Outstanding Young Experts in Science and Technology in Henan Province.

In recent years, its teaching staff has hosted more than 200 research projects at all levels, including 7 programs by the National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Fund Projects and numerous provincial-level projects, wining 18 provincial awards. They have published more than 10 monographs and 158 papers.20 are EI or ISTP papers. Several papers were awarded either first, second or third prize for excellence by Henan Province Natural Science, and was thus rated an advanced unit in scientific and technological work in ZUA for ten consecutive years. The school has now fostered 5 research centers- Marketing and Management Center, Business Intelligence Center, Supply Chain Management and Informationization Center, Intellectual Capital and Enterprise Innovation Center, and Human Resource Center. Based on these, its teachers also lead 3 innovative research teams subsidized by ZUA.

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