School of Economics and Trade

08/03/2017 17:01 

School of Economics and Trade

The School of Economic and Trade was established in 1978. Currently there are 74 teaching staffs, 35 of them with senior professional titles and 20 with doctoral degrees. At present, the School has 7 four-year undergraduate programs- Economics, International Economics and Trade, Finance, Trade Economy, Insurance, Financial Engineering, Statistics, and 1 three-year program- Economic Statistics (Enterprise Management-oriented). Insurance is the first undergraduate program in Henan Province. Administration of the school consists of the School office, Reference room, 3 experimental and research centers- Experimental Center for Economics and Trade, Aviation and Trade Economy Center and Cultural Economy Center.

The school has won numerous honors in recent years. The teaching team of economics was awarded the title of Excellent Teaching Team by Henan province. Major of Statistics was approved to be the specialty major at the provincial level. Applied Economics was the key disciplines at the provincial level. Regional Economics and Finance won the honor of Key Discipline in ZUA. In the past three years, its teachers have undertaken more than 40 projects at different levels, including 3 projects by the National Natural Science Fund or National Social Science Fund, 2 projects by the Humanities and Social Science Fund with the Ministry of Education. They have published more than 30 monographs or textbooks, and more than 100 paper annually.

Currently the school has 2,500 students, who are following the schools mode of talents training. It aims to cultivate its graduates into applied and innovative talents, or “the new merchants”. The new merchants is composed of three salient features. First, they have solid theoretical knowledge in economics, excellent English proficiency and good computer skills. Second, they need to understand the needs of society and companies, and be good at apply their theory. Third, they can extend their learning to other majors in Economics and Trade. The school adheres to this educational idea, aiming to train its graduates into talents with wide caliber, strong foundation, high quality, and strong ability. Putting quality education in the first place, and promoting innovations in teaching and student management, the school is determined to provide market-oriented graduates to meet the demands of economy and society.

The schools graduates have received wide praises by employers for their solid knowledge, strong interpersonal skills and high adaptation to different jobs. Particularly in aviation industry, our graduates have grown to become the backbones in their fields.

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