School of Information Science

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School of Information Science

Evolved from Science and Technology Department, the school of Information Science was founded in 1978, and started its students’ enrollment from 1979 till now. There are 3 Bachelor programs established in the school: Archival Science, Information Management and System as well as Library Science. So far, the school has stepped into the 25th year of graduates by total number of more than 4,000. Now there are 885 undergraduates in the school.

The School of Information Science has 39 faculty members at present, among whom there are 5 professors, 5 associate professors and 10 lecturers. In terms of Degrees, 24 of the teachers have obtained PhD or Master Degrees, which accounts for 80% of the total.

Depending upon researching, the school tends to keep teaching-oriented development. And thus both the major of Archival Science and Information Management and System are rated as prominent majors at the university scale. The course of Multimedia Technology wins the honor of Best Courses of Henan Province, while the course of Computer and Internet and the course of Management Information System are honored as Excellent Courses of the university. In addition, Automation of Archive Management develops into one of the Campus Online Classes.

In recent years, our teachers have managed to obtain 5 of the national researching projects and more than 20 provincial researching programs. Whats more, 40 of these researching programs and plans got awarded provincially, among which the project of Motor Vehicle Management System for the Traffic Police of Public Security was awarded as the 2nd prize for Advancement of Science and Technology in Henan, and 1st prize for Advancement of Science and Technology in Ministry of Henan Information Industry. Besides, our teachers are active in textbook-compiling and monograph-publishing with a total number of 20, thus have won great honors in researching on the university level. In addition, the school has been co-cultivating postgraduates with Beihang University, China Aviation Information Center and Beijing University, which lays solid foundation for students researching ability in the future.

The school keeps a constant and active academic communication with foreign countries. Many teachers have been recommended as academic visitors to America, Japan as well as France for further study. Meanwhile, scholars specializing in Intelligence Science and Archival Science are often invited to the school to give lectures. Recently, the school successfully held the Seminar for Intelligence Science Educating Strategies in New Century and other academic meetings.

The school is sub-divided into administration office (dealing with teaching and learning affairs for teachers and students), tutors office (mainly focusing on students’ management), 3 teaching and researching departments of Archival Science, Information Management and Information Technology as well as 1 information technology lab center (including Information Management Lab, Document Retrieval Mock Lab, Technology-protecting Lab, and Microform Copying Technology Lab).

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