School of Law

08/03/2017 17:03 

School of Law

The Law school is the base in ZUA to spread legal knowledge, to advocate for the spirit of law and to enhance the quality of legal professionals. It has now been fostering 4 teaching and research sections- Jurisprudence, Civil and Commercial Law, Procedural Law, and International Law. It also holds a law training center and a research institute for enterprises and law.

Following its motto of law upholding, learning devotedly, virtue seeking and acting promptly, the school molded its education principle into people-oriented, truth-seeking and practical. Guided by such visions, it gradually creates an atmosphere of teaching with goodness, leaning with modesty, and practicing with caution, hence creating a humanistic atmosphere and a harmonious academic environment.

Of the 34 faculty members, 26 are full-time teachers, including 2 professors, and 7 associate professors. 6 of them have received doctorial degree, and 24 have master’s degree, accounting for 92% in the whole staff. The School has now fostered a devoted and innovative teaching team with a pioneering spirit, and boosted a system of teaching management and a full set of teaching methods. In recent years, our teachers have won numerous honors at various levels, awarded by Henan Province, Zhengzhou City and ZUA. The school have also undertaken and accomplished over 50 scientific research projects at national, provincial, and ministerial levels. Their publications include 10 books and textbooks, over 200 papers, and 30 co-edited books.

    The school has now been offering two undergraduate programs: Law Major and Law Major (specialized in Criminal Justice). Law major is the only one Experimental Major for Undergraduate Talents Training Mode in ZUA.  

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