School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

08/03/2017 17:03 

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

The School of Civil Engineering and Architecture developed from the teaching and research section for Technical Economics of Capital Construction affiliated to the Department of Financial Management, which was founded in 1985. In July, 1999, the Department of Construction Management was established and changed its name into the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2008. It has now been offering 6 undergraduate programs: Construction Management, Project Cost, Civil Engineering (specialized in Road and Bridge Engineering), Civil Engineering (specialized in Construction Engineering), Urban Planning, and Environmental Engineering. Construction Management is listed as a special major in ZUA and enrolled in the specialty major construction project by Henan province. In 2009, the school passed the professional assessment initiated by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, becoming the first one in Henan province to achieve that.

The School sticks to its connotative development strategy in discipline construction. Guided by the university’s principle of highlighting the discipline of management with a combination of management and polytechnics, it has a distinctive feature of combining civil engineering technology and construction economy, architecture panning and design and construction management, and integrating management and engineering. The Structural Engineering specialty is listed as the second- level key discipline construction project in Henan province.    

The School has fostered 4 teaching and research sections: Construction Management, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and Environment Engineering, and incorporates 2 administrative units, the General Office and Student Work Office and also 1 school reference room. There are 6 innovative scientific research platforms and teaching labs, namely the Provincial Research Center for Civil Engineering Materials and Environment, Center for Civil Engineering, Center for Environment Engineering, Institute of Civil Engineering and Management Science, Institute of Resources and Environment Technology, and Henan Provincial Institute of Project Cost.  

In order to strengthen the students’ professional skills and qualifications, the school highlights its features of being technical and practical and has established the Construction Consulting Company and Engineering Supervision Company. It also conducts vocational trainings for registered cost engineers, cost engineers and architects, which can not only provide bases for teaching practice, but also enable the school to learn better about employers’ needs. These measures help to improve our teaching quality, and boost our students’ professional ability.

The School has already established academic relations with the University of Northumbria at Newcastle and the University of Plymouth to jointly train three-year undergraduates majoring in Building Construction and Management and four-year bachelors in Civil Engineering.

The School aims to foster professional engineers to meet the demand of the society, and is dedicated to training compound and practical talents. Under this vision, the school attaches great importance to the students’ theoretical knowledge and practical ability in teaching. Our graduates demonstrate high adaptability in work. They have consistently achieved great results in the National Building Information Model Contests from 2010 to 2012. In the year of 2010, our students won more than 80 national and provincial level awards, 1 Grand Champion, 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 12 third prizes and many other awards.

The School now has a faculty of 84 members, including 9 professors, 29 associate professors. 31 of them have obtained doctorial degrees and 42 have master’s degrees. There are many famous academic and technological leaders and young outstanding teachers in the school, equipping us with a competent and experienced teaching team.  

For more than 20 years, the School has stuck to its motto of social-commitment, extensive learning, truth-seeking, and forging ahead, and trained nearly 4000 high-grade talents in various majors, contributing greatly to the development of technology and society in China. There are now over 3000 undergraduates in the school, and our employment rate is constantly above 93%. Our graduates are well received by local governments, universities and colleges, research institutes, traffic and civil engineering design institutes, and construction companies. With the rapid development of China’s urban and rural construction and the transportation industry, the demands for the aforementioned majors will be soaring up steadily, ensuring good job prospects for our graduates.

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