School of Continuing Education

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School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education is a secondary school of ZUA, providing degree education programs such as evening school and correspondence school, and non-degree trainings such as technical training, vocational trainings, trainings for high-level management personnel, and further education after college. The school has also set up a couple of sub-centers for correspondence education in cities of Henan province like Luoyang, Nanyang, and Xuchang, and in other provinces such as Jiangxi, Hunan, and Liaoning etc..  

Relying on ZUAs rich resources, the school adheres to a principle that aims to improve the students overall ability, to set up a good public image, to place moral education in the first place and to serve the society. Under such vision, the school will provide capable graduates who have a wide range of knowledge, solid theoretical foundation as well as strong practical ability. Now it has formed its own features in teaching and achieved remarkable results. More than ten thousands graduates have graduated from the school, who have made great contributions for economic development.

The School of Continuing Education has won first prize in Henan Provinces Correspondence Education Evaluation in 1988, and received the honorable title of the Advanced Unit for Adult Education by the Ministry of Aviation in 1989. It obtained good scores in the evaluation of correspondence and evening schools organized by the National Education Committee and the privilege to be a training base for “Three-high Talents” granted by the Ministry of Aviation in 1996.

The School has excellent teaching staff and well-established facilities for study and living. By implementing a rigorous management system, it advocates the combination of discipline and care, and hence creates a good atmosphere in the school.

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